A match made in shoe/ sci-fi heaven has graced us again, and we here at TomboyBKLYN love a strong powerful shoe.  The stronger the heel the better in fact.

So it is no surprise that we love Pierre Hardy’s tribute to 2001: A Space Odyssey, and it is also no surprise that I am over the moon, pun intended.  For those that know me, shoes and sci-fi are pretty much my life staples!

The ‘Monolith 15′ is a sleek pump with an awesome geometric block heel inspired by the film’s infamous black monolith that was the root of all mystery discovered on the moon. I get chills just thinking about it!



Indeed, the wheel has not been invented here, we have seen block heels before.  But what is most appealing about these pumps is simply the tribute fans of art, architecture, technology, and sci-fi fans alike can appreciate, plus they just looks amazing, and who doesn’t like a statement heel?!

So of course this got us thinking of some shoes from season’s past that may or may not have also been inspired by this film.  Even if they were not, they are just as awesome and just as worthy of a nod from the shoe/sci-fi fanatics for their ‘monolithic’ heels and overall charm:








Celine – Love these, they remind me of the Odyseey ship itself!