Jean Grae, a Tomboy Icon and a favorite since the days when she was known as What What, just dropped a new sexy R&B EP. She is one of the (too few) female Emcees that never allowed herself to get put into a box. Born in Cape Town, South Africa to Jazz musician parents, I think we all knew she had this album in her.  Very little rapping and all sex….I can’t wait to see more of this direction from her.

From Pitchfork, “On Monday, Jean posted a picture to Instagram of her throwing the finger. The accompanying caption read: “Hi. I just dropped this new EP. I don’t just do one type of thing. This is another type of thing.” The ‘nother thing is titled #5 and instead of rhyming, Grae is singing. She’s officially a triple threat now.” $8 is a small price to pay for new music to make love to your old lady by.

My favorite track is below.

full album 

You should also check out her interview for Playboy…. pretty good read. She talks about her new direction in rap and calls out Iggy for being wack.


This seems like a good time to ask a timely, current events question that doesn’t necessarily apply to you.
Is it about Artie Lange?

It’s about Iggy Azalea… No, I’m kidding. I don’t even think I have an Iggy Azalea question.
I would love to answer a question about Iggy Azalea. I just want her to stop doing that crazy voice. I have no problem saying this: I feel like it’s really fucking offensive. I’m offended. Is that what I’m supposed to sound like? What are you doing? I call it “verbal blackface.”

I’m definitely not going to quote you on that. How do you feel about Taylor Swift pulling all of her music off of Spotify?
I think that’s cool. I’m with it. Go ‘head, Taylor Swift. She keeps doing things to make me like her. You absolutely deserve to be getting the rate that you think you should be getting. And you have the absolute right to be like, “No. I don’t want my music there.” There’s a lot of services that, although they have the reach that they have, they’re not beneficial. Financially, it doesn’t make sense. I’d literally have to sell my body to the night every night. And then I’d be a shell of a human, and I don’t want that. So, I think it’s great that, in an age of technology, as an artist making that decision, to be like, “No. I have millions of dollars. I know there’s going to be another service, or I can think about creating another service where artists at least get paid.” So, yeah, Taylor Swift, go ‘head — except for that “Welcome to New York” shit. Shut up.