So it is about that time for another installment of all the things I would buy if my parents were oil barons or gotten rich in some other questionable industry… so that I had no morals about how I should be using that money to save the world or feed the children…. nope, nope only buying shit I don’t need!

Maje Longline Varsity Coat // $815

So I am actually going to be buy this. I went shopping for work yesterday and fell in love with this coat along the way. I love the small leather details at the collar and cuffs and it has a nice slim fit.

Christophe Lemaire Denim Peacoat // $1265

I wanted this coat since I saw it on the runway… I even used in our fall editorial. It seriously is everything thing I want; denim, oversize, and menswear inspired…. need, need, need!

Isabel Marant Cashmere Sweatshirt // $925

I bet this feels amazingly soft and it is heather grey and oversize… enough said!

Band of Outsiders’ scribbled boy sweatshirt // $345

I need this… and no I am not crazy because I want two heather grey sweatshirts Right! Right???

Ashish Sequin Boyfirend Jeans // $2,165

The thirst is real… even the fringe is beaded! Fuck, where is that rich uncle when you need him.

Prada Platform Brogues // $895

When I love something I crave it forever….. these are just so me! (soft weeping) (sad face emoji)

Dream Cart Total: $6,410… That is obscene!

Now for something I did buy….

Patternity x Clark Desert Boot // $119

I have been wanting these since they came out this summer. I am not a desert boot gal, so that is why it took me a minute to pull the trigger but now I can’t wait to rock these in New Orleans at the end of the month (but that’s for another post).