80 Blocks from Tiffany’s is an awesome depiction of American History by Gary Weis about Puerto Rican and African American gangs the ‘Savage Skulls’ and the ‘Savage Nomads’ during the late 1970′s.

This documentary captures the end stages of New York gang culture and explores hip-hop’s origin that stemmed from the overall social and economic decay.

It is also worth checking out for the fashion history.  The detail and the passion put into the ‘uniforms’ worn by the various gang members is a visual expression of the fact that even through the social and economic struggle, pride and self worth need to be upheld.

Check out some original street shots of the Skulls and Nomads, as well as the full movie below:


Corbis-42-16046953 tumblr_ltqf4bmJf81qkuwy6o1_500 savageskulls savage skull kids New York City street gang Savage Skulls