Dirt under our polished nails, skinned knees under pleated skirts, we’re breaking boyish boundaries with our femininity intact. Fearless, progressive and out past dark.
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Race, skin color, and suspension rates of girls

According to the study, darker-skinned black girls are three times more likely to be suspended than black girls with a lighter skin tone. This bias came from different gender expectations between black girls and white girls…..

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Hey Sci-Fi, Where Are All The Black People??

Hollywood’s idea of the future is pretty off according to scientific evolution predictions. Why do women, people of color, and diverse sexualities continue to be overlooked in the one genre that is supposed to be forward thinking? Check out several awesome articles posing the same questions.

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People of the Twenty-First Century

Dutch photographer Hans Eijkelboom has attempted to capture the togetherness and individuality of street style and at the same time touch on the meaning of culture.

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Internet Round-up

Fuck yeah its lunch time and time to break your intermittent fast…..

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Happy Halloween: Sleep With One Eye Open!

For those who prefer to stay in there is still plenty of Halloween fun to be had. Check out some campy, cheesy, weird, and creepy entertainment.

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Morning…. Internet Round-up

I love the internet, so much good shit! Find out why Bread is connected to race and class, check out a new dope female rapper, and guess who was in a recent Buzzfeed list….

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Wallstreet Journal Asking The Important Question: Are High Heels Dead?

Gee-whiz… nothing is ever dead fashion is cyclical!