Dirt under our polished nails, skinned knees under pleated skirts, we’re breaking boyish boundaries with our femininity intact. Fearless, progressive and out past dark.
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Tomboy-Scopes Are Here! November 2015

They are finally here…cheesy doses of inspiration for the start of your month. You know you love to tickle the guilty pleasure of reading your horoscope…go right ahead, we won’t judge.

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TomboyBKLYN Fall Details: Mix Your Metals and Other Stories

It is no secret that we love jewelry and nail polish! Peep some of the ways we love to rock a few of our favorite pieces and colors this fall.

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Concrete Promenade

Meet Chavo Killingsworth. We spent the day walking around Brooklyn with him…there was never a dull moment!

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one of our favorite photographers Chika Kobari had an idea to collaborate on an athletic inspired shoot and we said “of course!”….

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Hair Politics

At TomboyBKLYN we love to explore all the different facets of style, so we asked some our favorite women with all varying degrees of hair texture to explore the importance their crowns in their daily lives.

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The holiday season is winding down but the biggest party of the year is still upon us…. We collaborated with one of the dopest photographer we know to create an inspired by “holiday 2014″. HAppy New Year!

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Indigo Summer

As another summer comes to an end, it is time to start layering on the denim and take our last dip in the beach. White, dark Indigo, or washed and faded, denim evokes the essence of pensive September afternoons at Rockaway Beach….