Christy Lee Rogers is a visual artist from Kailua, Hawaii, which possibly explains her obsession with water as a medium.  I know that the first time I went to Hawaii I was taken aback by how connected I felt to the water there and how peaceful and free and open I was when in it.

What attracted me to her work was her latest installment titled ‘Elan’ At first glance the images looked like distorted oil paintings.  Caravaggio, specifically sprang to mind for two reasons. One because Baroque art was a favorite moment of mine in art history class in college, and two because of the fluidity and movement of the fabrics and the striking patterns and bright colors layered on top of a muted background.  As I got closer in I realized what I was actually looking at, people submerged in water.  Although not just submerged, but entangled in dance, leaving the ‘characters’ in the ‘paintings’ with genuine expressions of vulnerability.

This exhibit is no longer up, but you can check out more photos of the collection below, as well as on her SITE along with more of her work.

Rogers_revenir_me_hanter_web Rogers_mille_vies_web Rogers_comme_un_acte_de_foi_web Rogers_etoiles_sans_ciel_web Rogers_la promesse_web Rogers_elan vital_web