If you are like me, after catching all of the runway shows you are like, damn! I have to wait until next year for all of these goodies! Well, yes. Sadly yes. I wish I had some secret tricks to share on how to snag these things earlier, but I don’t. Unless you have the inside track, you will just have to wait!
HOWEVER, if you really are like me then you will DIY your own renditions or find some vintage treats to hold you over. And that my friends is what is so amazing about denim, it is one of the easiest things to change up, and one of the most forgiving as far as experimenting goes. You can get just as, if not more crazy with your looks like some of our favorite designers have done! We selected some of our favorite crazy-ass looks straight off the SS 16 Runways to help inspire you. Check them out below!

chloe denim ss16

Chloe – put a string on it!

ashish denim ss16

Ashish – bedazzled!

marc jacobs denim ss16

Mar Jacobs – printed to look like stonewash…AMAZING!

chanel denim ss16

Chanel – I mean…what more can I say!

Marques Almeida denim ss16

Marques Almeida – go ahead, fray the shit out your jeans!

All photos courtesy of WGSN