Ashta Hunter // Apparel Designer & Co–Founder of Tomboy Bklyn // Bedstuy, Brooklyn 

Fashion Mottos:

Do what you feel! I try not to censor my fashion impulses, whether I feel like Timbs one day or a pleated school girl skirt the next, I just try to go with it. I just wear what feels good! Since everything is filtered through my lens, I feel like it all makes sense. And as long as I am comfortable then my confidence shines through.

I only buy clothing that I love. I never understood people with a closet full of clothes they never wear…it’s a waste of money and space. I only buy clothing that I love and I make an effort to wear everything. I clean out my closet twice a year to get rid of stuff I’m not wearing. Not only is it good to donate clothing but it also weeds your closet down to your strongest pieces so that everything that’s left is awesome.

Don’t be scared to take chances. It won’t always be successful but it can lead you to new places with your style.


My sense of style definitely extends to my home. I like for the walls and floors to be simple and classic, which then allows me to play and accessorize with fun objects that I find on my travels.

Camo is everything. I searched for the right camo bedding for a while. I ended up settling on this little boys’ bedding from Pottery Barn but it’s still not exactly what I want. Maybe that is the next thing we need to make.

ashta sit

 My fashion staples:

Novelty and chambray button ups; printed, embroidered, or embellished.

Anything in heather grey – a running joke with people who know me. I even started a tumblr for fun called “50 Shades of Heather Grey.” I am obsessed.

Biggest fashion mistakes:

Never ironing or steaming my clothes. I have a serious problem walking out of the house in wrinkled clothing. First world problems for sure.


Since moving to New York from Virginia I’m always cold. I’ve definitely grown an affinity for coats and layering pieces. My outfits are not complete without the right jacket.


My biggest fashion weakness is statement jewelry. I love it! Chunky, gold, and ethnic – I have to have it! A whole drawer in my closet is dedicated to my jewelry collection. I am not snobby about it. Sure I have some amazing designer or vintage pieces, but I love my flea market and cheap finds just as much. I am just not dressed until I have jewelry on.

I love interesting and masculine nail polish colors as well as unisex cologne. That’s one reason I was so excited that we decided to launch the Tomboy nail polish line, since it is so hard to find colors that I love–I figured we needed to make them.


Even though my style is very tomboy, I love skirts. I feel like skirts are even more freeing and less restricting than pants. Like no movement is hindered. I love that feeling.