I am not sure if it is safe to say big earrings are here to stay, but it sure feels good to think it. As soon as I was ‘allowed’ to wear big earrings I went all out and never looked back.

What seems to be most amazing about these beautiful accessories is that they are found all over the world and have solidified their presence in our human culture:

1 earring

Tribal earrings from Africa and Asia


The 1990′s is the decade when I found my love for Bamboo Earrings. So glad to see their return to popularity even with brands like Balmain.

earring 3

Loving the evolution of the Door Knocker. Givenchy, Louis Viutton to name a few have embraced them in recent editorials, and fortunately they are not afraid to go bigger and bigger.

LL Cool J knew what he was talking about…