It’s no secret we here at Tomboy BKLYN are big FKA Twigs fans.  IF you are not familiar with her yet, here are a few reasons and videos why I think she is amazing and worth checking out for yourself.  Follow her twitter so you can catch one of her shows the next time she is in your area.

1. She is an all around performer, or what I like to call the double threat, she can sing and dance… and I mean DANCE! FKA Twigs started her career as backup dance for artists like Kylie Minogue and Jessie J. The 26-year-old Tahliah Barnett, actually got her nickname Twigs from the sound of her joints cracking when she dance. In her own performances she moves away from more traditional choreography to a more interpretive dance style, where her body just becomes the music and just oozes with sensuality with every move.  It is awesome to watch.

2. Her live shows are awesome!  I don’t necessarily jump at concert tickets, usually because they are crowded and I don’t feel as involved because I can barely hear or see the performer.  But her music resonates really well that even if you can’t see her on stage that well the music enters in.

3. ALL of her videos are pretty amazing. She directed and starred in the below music video for “Ouch Ouch” by rapper Lucki Eck$.

4. Remember Neo-Soul?  Well she is part of emerging exploration in R&B sometimes controversially referred to as PBR&B, which stands for Pabst Blue Ribbon R&B, Indie R&B, or Hipster R&B.  This movement is said to lead by artists such as The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, and Theophilus London, who are mixing trip hop beats and classic 90′s R&B bass in this experimental style. She personally doesn’t like her music boxed in the R&B label or any labels for that matter….Ha! Who does?!

5. Everything she does from editorials to music videos to stage performances you get a sense of  her forward thinking creativity and willingness to collaborate with other artists.

6. Here is another favorite just for good measure ;)