Star Wars has been around for almost 40 years.  That is plenty of time to have learned a lesson or two.  Aside from the usual ‘chose the light side’ lessons (although who knows if that’s really the best side?) there are several style notes that one may find useful.

I personally have found several inspiring fashion ‘to-do’s’ that I would love to share…


Most important lesson: there are no rules! On Friday you want to cover up like a baptist on Sunday then rock a two piece even when not in Rio on a Tuesday…then do it and do it with confidence! Wear what makes you feel good when it makes you feel good.

black on black

Black on black is never a mistake. Try mixing up textures every once in a while to jazz it on up. I learned to mix matte and shine like Darth. Always looking good my friend.

touch of gold

Surprise! Gold lined cape…keep it interesting with touches of metal.

no fur

Say no to fur! I mean really…misappropriation much?!


Don’t be afraid to LAYER!

animal accessories

Unless you’re Luke Skywalker helping the Grandmaster of the Jedi Order, don’t carry living creatures around as accessories. We all love Yorkies, but come on!


Vests, vests, and more VESTS!


Sometimes, you need to borrow your friend’s clothes, and sometimes you just have to let them…


see…now look how nice that looks.

*Featured image from the photoshop geniuses over at Reddit.