Jenny Smith is one of the dynamic forces behind the newly launched fashion label, 6397, and part of the sales team at The News Showroom. We have known Jenny for years, sharing the same space on the dance floor. So It only made sense to sit down with this amazing woman as our first interview to see what makes her tick.



Does the word Tomboy mean anything to you?

Yes – strength.

Do you describe yourself as a feminist? if so, how does that influence your style?

No, I wouldn’t describe myself as a feminist.

Being in the fashion industry,does that conflict with any of your feelings about womanhood and empowerment?

I think there is a lot of power to be had as a woman working in the fashion industry, actually. You have the ability to influence so many other women and men. People pooh pooh this industry all the time but you can’t deny the affect style has on most individuals or the affect that someones style has on others. So working in this

industry doesn’t conflict with my feelings of womanhood or empowerment at all, if anything it makes me wonder what I’m doing to help this world we live in.

Does your personal style play into your sexuality or do you see a correlation be- tween style and sexuality? Is this a conscience decision? if yes, how so?

For sure style and sexuality can be related, but for me I’m not sure that’s true.

How important is your appearance to you?

Maybe this is where my feminism comes in. As a woman, I tend to want to rebel against the ‘norm’. Meaning, I don’t want to get gussied up just to play this role that society has created for me. The role that states I have to look pretty, per the standard of our cultural norm. So, I don’t wear 

a lot of make up or dress up in a girly way a ton because I feel like that plays into that cultural norm too much which actually makes me feel uncomfortable. But, of course my appearance is important to me and I try to take care of my skin and hair, and my body thru eating well and exercise. And I do think about the clothes I wear.

How would you describe your style? What inspires how you dress?

Classic, simple, understated.

Does your upbringing have anything to do with your style? At what age did you start expressing yourself visually and start to create your fashion identity?

I can remember swooning over Limited Too when I was in the 1st or 2nd grade. My best friend Nikki had this sick outfit that probably would be totally relevant today, I think it was matching floral leggings and shirt and blazer. And she wore a hat with it. It was then that I started to think about what I was wearing and notice the effect it had on my psyche and how it made me feel.

Do your clothing choices say anything about you? Do you dress to express yourself?

I’m not sure, do you think so ? For sure I don’t dress to express myself because that’s just not who I am. But, I love to see people who are clearly expressing themselves through dressing that is beautiful and I love it. It makes clothing more fun.

How has living in Brooklyn influenced your style, if at all?

I wouldn’t say that it has had an affect at all on my style, however for sure I wear more black since living in NYC.

Do you have a fashion motto that you live by?


What are some of you least favorite things about the fashion industry?

I don’t like that it creates exclusive arenas for only certain people to play in. I wish it was more accessible to all.

What are some of your favorite items of clothing? Why?

Lately I’ve been wearing a denim jumpsuit by a brand that I’m working on called 6397. That’s really all I need! Beyond that – denim. I wear jeans almost every day.

Do you have any style icons that you look to?

I love Vanessa Traina and Mary Frey Sorrenti.

Do you have any favorite brands? why?

6397. We are creating a collection full of all the wardrobe staples I want and need doesn’t get better than that. And then of course The Row, Celine and Proenza Schouler and bit of many other collections.

Do you have any power pieces or staple pieces. Things that make you feel invincible and magical or can’t live without?

I’ve got a mean pair of Margiela knee high black leather boots with a big chunky zipper that goes all the way up the back. I don’t ever wear them because I can’t walk in them comfortably, but they make me feel invincible, powerful AND magical!

If you could go back to anytime and visit your former self, what age would you go to and what advice would you give?

5th grade. “Don’t let this divorce break you!”