I’ve always been a wanderer, but there is something about Montreal that pulls me back again and again. From the fresh air to the laid back francophile vibe and dope vintage shops, the city is easy to love. I met up with some creatives while on my most recent visit and was taken by their larger than life personalities and innate style. A sunny Sunday in my favorite park, Mont Royal, provided the perfect backdrop for this fashion feast!


Jasmine (left), Kosi (right)



Jasmine – I think I’m pretty nerdy-afropunk-arthoe. African prints, Doc Martens, micro skirts, crop tops. When it’s -40, buttoned up polos and heels even though I’m tall. Also aliens and head wraps to make white people uncomfortable.

Kosi – My style is usually all over the place, but can usually be described as a mix of girly and casual. During the summer I love to wear mid-length skirts and dresses, often with a lot of patterns. At other times, I like to just wear jeans, a long tee and my Nike air max.


Mags (left), Aisha (right)


Mags (left), Aisha (right)

Mags – As for my style, you could say that I’m a mix of Lost Boy and Motherlander, usually like to opt for dark, cool colors with accessories in contrasting hues. I also like to imagine what I look like dancing at events, so the right kicks are important too.

Aisha – This outfit is the epitome of “Sunday Funday”. Since I was biking today, I’m wearing leggings and sneakers. I don’t usually wear black, as I like to wear bright colours. I bought my sneakers when I was in Brazil.



Tatyana – My personal style mostly revolves around everything that my mom used to wear when she was my age. The way that I dress has a lot of influence on my mood and outlook, so colours and patterns are things that I always try and incorporate into my outfits.







Richenda – In the summer, I like being cool, comfortable, and as breezy as possible. I like thrifting, because I’m definitely too fickle and too much of a hoarder to buy expensive clothes and because, as my roommate would say, I dress like a 90′s librarian most of the time. If I could live my life in knee-length print skirts with matching oversized blouse sets, I would.


*photos by Laurent Chevalier

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