Everyone has brands that they return to year after year… that there is something about those brands that perfectly fits your lifestyle.  For me there are very few clothing brands that I am a consistent buyer of because I like to switch it up but there are definitely shoe brands and styles that I return to year after year. I do not always know why or how theses shoes became apart of my identity but they have.  I would bet money that if I ran into any of you guys on the street on any given day I would probably be wearing one of these three type of shoes…. HA!

The Saddle shoesaddle


I have serious preppy tendencies.  I love to wear pleated skirts, polos, blazers…. and saddle shoes! From Wikipedia, “they are characterized by a plain toe and distinctive, saddle-shaped decorative panel placed mid foot. Saddle shoes are typically constructed of leather and are most frequently white with a black saddle, although any color combination is possible. Saddle shoes are worn by both men and women in a variety of styles ranging from ultra high platforms to golf cleats.” I am not sure where this obsession came from… I am guessing my dad because he has always been a bucks wearer for as long as I can remember…. but I buy a pair almost every year and I wear the shit of them.  I wear them with everything, from skirts and dresses to jeans. I typically only wear the black and white version but I did cop a camo version a year ago and wear those every once in a while.  For me they just say a lot about my style… preppy but playful… comfortable but funky. I don’t buy some expensive version… I stick with the Bass classic with the terra cotta colored sole. Love!

You can cop your own pair (HERE).

Construction Boot Timbs0103_Tomboy_ZINE_16-1024x640

So this might be the oldest relationship I have had with an item of clothing.  I have been coping Timberland boots off and on since middle school. Growing up in Virginia in the mid 90s these were the boots that everyone wore. You had to buy a fresh pair every season because you did not walk around with scuffed Tims. So I always had two pair…. a new pair I wore to school and an old pair that I could wear to help my parents around the flower market. Some people wear black or other colors, remember when people got into dying them bight colors, but I stick with classic wheat… never goes wrong!

You can cop your own pair (HERE).

Rivieras Leisure ShoesScreen Shot 2014-10-25 at 11.27.38 AM

So these are a new love and by new I mean for like the past 4 summers. I copped my first red mesh pair in Opening Ceremony Ace Hotel and  when I saw them I knew they would become a bigger part of my wardrobe. When spring hits my Rivieras come on and usually don’t come off until Fall and my ankles get cold… I seriously live in them. I have even had to replace a couple pairs because my toes started poking out the mesh. HA!

 You can cop your own pair (HERE).