Dirt under our polished nails, skinned knees under pleated skirts, we’re breaking boyish boundaries with our femininity intact. Fearless, progressive and out past dark.

Winter Velvet!


Get Adorned With INDIVIJU


Sister As Muse

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Concrete Promenade




Hair Politics

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Word to Woman – Solange x Puma / Part 1

Check out the first part of the ‘Word to Women’ Collection for Puma with Six02 and Saint Heron.

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one of our favorite photographers Chika Kobari had an idea to collaborate on an athletic inspired shoot and we said “of course!”….

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Hair Politics

At TomboyBKLYN we love to explore all the different facets of style, so we asked some our favorite women with all varying degrees of hair texture to explore the importance their crowns in their daily lives.

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Mary Maguet

Loving these new portfolio shots of the beauty Mary Maguet of RPD Models… Simple styling by Makaira Lee but full impact! ♡ ♡ ♡

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Mom and Tumblr Rule Montreal Style

I’ve always been a wanderer, but there is something about Montreal that pulls me back again and again….

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Cat Sense for Puss Puss Magazine

I love all animals but I am not really a cat person… but the Puss Puss Magazine is amazing. PUSS PUSS is a new stylish publication for culture, fashion, music, and catlovers. Offers a fun perspective on pop culture and we always try to support companies that don’t take themselves to serious and poke fun a little at the fashion industry. Check it out… Link in the article!

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Cous d’Éclat

Some of my favorite black models all together in one beauty editorials makes me sooooo happy! Thanks Vogue!