Pierre Botardo //  Visual and Tattoo Artist // Bedstuy, Brooklyn


Explore and get to know yourself as an individual, not necessarily looking at what’s is going on around you.

Push yourself. I find myself going against something that I liked at one point that doesn’t feel as personal to me anymore….so I will just go in the opposite direction

Fuck what I say, just do you. I tell you what, I feel more comfortable walking into a room full of people dressed like weirdos and happy with themselves than a room full of people trying to fit in with each other.

I love thrifting so thrift stores and vintage stores are usually my “go to” places for most items. If I’m lucky, it’s nice and quiet in them and I can enjoy the hunt without too many distractions. I don’t really buy off of the internet too often unless I have something in mind that I just can’t find here in NY. I just never want to look sloppy and messy. I think that is an influence that comes from my parents….how they came from a third world country and struggles…plays some sort of role in that.

To be honest, I don’t really have a lot of knowledge on specific brands or anything, but I know what I enjoy and what I don’t. I know what looks okay on me and what doesn’t. I do try to remember the stores I think are interesting or had great experiences in, and I try to bring friends to them. Even if I they’re not necessarily my taste. An easy going shopping environment is everything to me.


I’m just not huge on “fashion”. I don’t agree with letting media dictate what you should and shouldn’t wear. Besides, why put that pressure on yourself? I feel that fashion, now, copies trends. And trends come and go. Why not just like what you want to like? Everyone is different, so it’s okay. I think a lot of times people mistake fashion for style. In my opinion, style is truly represented by how comfortable you are with yourself and what naturally comes out. And people naturally change. We’re always progressing. It’s awesome! As you go on, you get into certain things and it influences you. Don’t be shy, display those influences and fuck everyone else!


Tattoo of the wedding picture of my Mom and Dad… my Dad would come from DC to visit my Mom in New Jersey, it is funny hearing my Dad tell stories about that. Both of my parents dress pretty well and I enjoy looking through their old photographs; seeing classics and how they wore them.


I finally got my hands tattooed around my first year of professionally tattooing. At least, I’m pretty sure that’s when. It started with a finger tattoo and went on to the rest over time. My hands aren’t even completely covered, but I don’t care for them to be. I’m not gonna lie, I think I screwed myself, but, I’m okay with that. I tattoo! If I ever got into some situation where I couldn’t use my hands anymore or work, I’d be so fucked. I damn sure wouldn’t be able to get a nice high paying, straight lace job. That’s why I don’t suggest to others of doing the same. I voluntarily threw myself into the corner. My dumb ass did it to force myself to concentrate on tattooing as a career and as a big middle finger to society. Who knows what the hell is going to happen in my future? I have the confidence that I can figure it out though.

The influences of  the art I enjoy and old tattoo culture definitely play a big part of how I choose what imagery I get. I also have dear friends in the industry that I’m always excited to see work from. I do tattoos for a living, and art on the side, so I’m in contact with that creative world often. I mainly just pick what I think is a cool image and get it. There’s not a huge process that goes in my head. There used to be when I was first getting tattooed, but that quickly stopped. I used to be one of those “tattoos with meanings” kind of person, but to each’s own. I’m just not that anymore. It’s all fun and games to me now.

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I’m just interested and involved in certain things and I tend to collect items that reflect that. Come to find out, I can decorate and arrange my space with them without looking like a complete hoarder.

pierre8I love searching for things, I love the work put into it… I will have scattered pieces of papers of artists and songs or singles that they had and then I will spend hours looking for it. That is why when my friends ask me for a playlist or something I get really hesitant because they are easily obtaining something that I put so much hardwork into finding…. I like the search but not the sharing; it is very personal to me. Music speaks back to me when I don’t want to talk to anyone.

pierre9When I am creating my art I feel free. There is no judgement. There is only judgement if or when I decide to show it but when I am creating it there is no judgement. I can do whatever I want, I compose it however I want, use whatever I want and it is all through pure feelings and emotion.