‘- characters of color are limited to the townships of occasional historical books that concern themselves with the legacies of civil rights and slavery but are never given a pass card to traverse the lands of adventure, curiosity, imagination or personal growth.” – Christopher Myers

I am a self proclaimed sci-fi addict, and this ‘obsession’ if you will goes hand in hand with my love, appreciation, and curiosity of the physical and natural sciences.  Therefore, I like my sci-fi to be as accurate as possible.  Now when I say accurate I mean in the realm of possibility, I realize time travel has way too many holes to be possible but I sure as hell hope to hear some Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking references in there to make it seem convincing.

So I find it beyond confusing as to why portrayals of humankind in sci-fi literature and film are so inaccurate!  If there is one thing that this genre can EASILY portray with absolute accuracy is a diverse society.  I stress the word EASY because you don’t need a team of theoretical physicists to consult on a hypothetical plot. All you need is a casting agent who isn’t afraid!  Now I don’t know much about the film industry but I feel secure in making this one comparison to the fashion world (in which I have been a part of for all of my adult life) involving the runway.  Sure you have casting agents choosing models, but the designer makes the ultimate decision as to who they want on their runway.  So I ask you Christopher Nolan, director of Interstellar (an almost perfect movie), what the fuck??

You may have guessed that I recently saw the movie ‘Interstellar’. I liked it. It touched on some awesome theories involving the fourth dimension that I have never seen explored in a Hollywood film before. But I wanted to love it. Here is why I didn’t; upon leaving the film and embarking on the usual post movie discussion, I blurted out ‘where are the black people, where are the asian people, why is the one female lead a gushy lovey-dovey character??’ I wanted so bad for this movie about the ‘future’ to be groundbreaking on every possible level. It wasn’t. Not only was the cast mostly white and mostly male it was as if we had gone backwards in time to the 1930′s, an uncomfortable time for all minorities!!

So I said to myself I will boycott sci-fi all together, but then I thought why should I suffer at the hands of closed minded people. Then later that week my sister sent me a link to several articles (below) talking about the same things, and I am pretty sure I will not support one color one gender sci-fi programs any more (thank goodness for Star Trek, a few attempts were made). And no the token black guy who gets killed off and the one female sex symbol do not count.

*The beautiful young lady on the featured image is from a National Geographic article about predicting the future characteristics of humans.  You can read more on that HERE

These articles below are worth reading for both sci-fi lovers and civilians:


WOMEN RISE IN SCI FI (AGAIN) BY ROSE EVELETH: This year’s major science-fiction awards had strong female representation, but don’t call it a feminist victory for the genre just yet – click HERE for the full article



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SCIENCE FICTION’S QUEEER PROBLEM by Oliver Keane – click HERE for the full acticle