Some believe the purpose of art is to extract some kind of feeling, happiness, disgust, fear, sadness, joy.  Whatever the emotion the hope of  the piece in front of you is to bring this out.  I noticed that many of the feelings I have are either super nostalgic or slightly creepy.  I’m sure there are some Freudian issues deep within this, but I suppose we could touch on that a bit later, after some whiskey I might imagine.

But I digress…the case of the creepy feelings have come forth after viewing the work of Shai Langen an Amsterdam based artist I took note of via WGSN.  Trained at the HKU Utretch School of the Arts, Langen has taken an amazing hold on fabric creation with a play  on the organic and strong holds to biology.  Many of these fabrics resemble cellular structures, mold, and fungi.  My attraction stems from my interest in science, specifically biology and anatomy, and quite frankly, my love of sci-fi.  I find myself attracted to the creepy unknown of what these fabrics can transform into, or transform the wearer into.

You can check out more of his work HERE

‘After experimenting with the viscosity of both materials and testing different dripping techniques, Langen used the findings – mutated matter – to investigate the transformability of the human body.  chimera envisions the malleable body as an amalgam of the synthetic and the organic in which hybrid materials seemingly grow over the wearer’s skin to blur the boundaries between the living and the lifeless.’ Floor Kuitert

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