Sweatshirts are the staple pieces of any Tomboy’s closet because they can be worn with anything… and are comfortable. I have like six versions of pullover sweatshirts in heather grey alone in my closet right now. Sweatshirts are typically used to describe tops made out of knitted french terry or fleece fabrics but I also use the word to describe any pullover top with a rib banded bottom and sleeve hem silhouette, meaning there can leather or organza sweatshirts. I loved seeing all the different versions of the sweatshirts on the runway this season and the idea of the power sweatshirt being a trend is really exciting. I love feeling strong, chic, and comfortable at the same damn time!

KOONHORKOONHOR Fringe, fringe, fringe. I love these graphic fringe pullovers. There is something very ethnic and new about them, I def gonna try to get my hands on the heather grey one this spring. HA!

FAYfayYES! I mean this is the very definition of utilitarian style…. I mean fanny packs are the opposite of cool but attaching one to your sweatshirt changes everything. I hate carrying bags so I will buy anything that lets me carry my keys and cash hands free. I need!

MANISH ARORAmanish-aroraOk, so these are over the top but a great DIY pullover idea. I mean imagine versions covered in buttons or patches or other vintage trinkets. I love the idea of the wearable scrapbook… I am starting mine right now.

THE CARTOON IMAGEartI feel like the cartoon character has been dead in fashion for the last few years (anyone old enough to remember Iceberg?)… and just when I start to miss them, they are back. I love the sequin versions at Ashish and Fay, sequins makes everything tackier but that is why I like it. I mean a sequins Lucy, who could not want that?! I also love the abstract face at Kenzo; which reminds me of a 90s image I have seen before but I can not find…. damn you google.   *** EDIT TO ADD: I just figured it out…. the face looks like Fido dido from the 90s 7up commercials. HA! (link)

THE SHEER HOODIEsheer-hoodieok.. so I might not call these power pieces but they are just too dope not to mention. I love when brands mix something that is typically feminine with masculine or athletic silhouettes. Next to the classic pullover sweatshirt silhouette there is nothing I love more than a hoodie. Hoodies just give you that automatic cool factor when you wear them and these sheer versions by MSGM and Off-white are a must.