A bit of nostalgia for the start of your week. About a year ago I noticed a group of boys walking down 14th street. Now I don’t normally stare, but I was taken aback by this group of three. What came to mind first was: wait, am I trippin?! What year is this? Then I said to myself (still staring by the way) How old are these guys?? So I stared even harder, by now it would be considered creepy, rude had already passed. So then I started calculating things…1990′s…the year now is…2014…OK! These young’ins can’t be more than 19 years old!! They are rocking a style that I lived in a ‘retro’ manner harder than anything I have seen so far. Yes, I know the 90′s have been creeping back up, in fact I think it is safe to say they are here in our fashion editorials and stores.
But the reason why I was so shocked? Well I suppose it has to do with a few things. One; They had amazing high top fades!! My first crush was on a boy I’d see at the mall. He had the HIGHEST most WONDERFUL high top fade I had ever seen. Two; the attention to detail these guys displayed was beyond impressive. They must be serious vintage shoppers, so props for that. Three; shit! Are we already looking at the 90′s as vintage? DAMN!
The golden era of Hip Hop is now trending in a modern beat style! (UB40 lyric)
I think that last thought is what held me captive in my staring, I was more trying to wrap my head around the fact that time flies!

Bringing us up to date. I was down in Virginia this weekend and noticed another handsome young man with a tight flat top fade casually shopping on the downtown mall. So I later that evening, on one of my internet missions, I started stumbling across people with some of the best original renditions of this creative and unique hairstyle.

I do feel it is necessary to say the sculpted high top fade or flat top fade was most likely the natural progression from the afro seen below on a young Michael Jackson, may he rest in peace, via the rebellion of 80′s and 90′s youths.  So with out the fro we way never have had the high top!

I would like to think this is where it all started. We went from nice and round and uniform, to tall and square and geometric!

hi-top 3

The Golden Era of Hip Hop.


The boys who made it look soo cool! Kid n Play and The Fresh Prince. Crushes galore!

Bobby Brown and Tupac looking good in the ‘Gumby’ The fellas for extra props for this variation. From me at least :P


Raheem!!!! The love for you is still so strong! Look at that mini high top…yummy!


The white boys were doing it too! Sure this is more an ode to the military version the ‘Flattop’ but Dolph’s fade was just looking so tough back then I can’t help add this in.


Modern day renditions are just as beautiful if not more!


The best female version hands down, goes to Grace Jones! She has led the way for many other beauties. See below!


Move over bowl cut, the flat top is coming back!