Scorpio’s we all know how crazy you can be but that is about to get magnified around the middle of the month. Everyone is going to want you to listen to their problems but don’t let them take over, their problems are their problems, you can help but you cant solve. As most scorpios are no stranger to risk taking, this month will supply many opportunities. But tread lightly as not all opportunities pay off. Don’t be afraid to go with the style flow you have been feeling lately, it looks just as good as you think it does! Magical words of inspiration: FEARLESS, STRONG, BRIGHT

Lots of wild thoughts running through your mind the begining to middle of this month. Suggestion; keep them to yourself. Except for the ‘more than friend’ asking you questions, tell them the truth even if they don’t want it. Be confident with your style choices, people are going to be drawn to you anyway so that crazy two piece vintage Moschino might have seemed risky before but it will be a guaranteed hit this month. Life is going to be good for you these upcoming days Sagittarius! Magical words of inspiration: CONFIDENT, ENLIGHTENED, FASHIONABLE

The beginning of this month is going to be dramatic, and it’s your own fault. Get a hobby Capricorns! Otherwise you will find yourself making unnecessary drama of your issues or someone else’s. Try some vintage shopping to start that archive you were thinking about. Anything to keep you organized and positive. Otherwise dealing with issues around the end of the month is going to be harder than it should, so you time is totally acceptable! Magical words of inspiration: ORGANIZED, LOYAL, PROBLEM SOLVER

Time to open up to new experiences and cultures because the middle of the month is going to be jam packed! Not that this is hard for Aquarius’ to do. In fact maybe a move to another country (or maybe just another state) is in the near future. Either way something spectacular and different is headed your way the end of the month, so get that Rosetta Stone ready. As for most of you, judgement and fear are usually far behind so when the bizzare happens, run towards it, and yes that includes that crazy guy wearing the flyest Kufi hat you have ever seen! Magical words of inspiration: METHODICAL, UNIQUE, DIVERSITY

Pisces, as usual you are all about love, no change at the start of November. Romance should be easy to achieve. And if anyone tells you to tone it down, just hit them with some D’Angelo Lyrics to let them know just how serious about love you are! Get ready for some work life changes towards the middle of the month, although it might not be too easy to get to it, so get ready to have to do some sweet talking. Don’t be afraid to explore work and or life adventures solo every once in a while, might be just the thing you need to get those artistic juices flowing. This might also get a certain someone or some people to get hip to your new energy, that is if they know whats good for them! Magical words of inspiration: CREATIVE, EXPLORATORY, LOVING

This is a mysterious month, so get ready to do some private eye work, the result although probably not what you expect, will be fun all the same. Prepare to do some self patting on the back around the middle of the month, all of your hard work will pay off. Suggestions: go out and buy those tacky earrings at the dollar store as a reward, you know they are cute! You might feel an important message is harder to get out than usual, but you must power on through and say what you need to say, and say it loud! Magical words of inspiration: CURIOUS, STYLISH, PERSEVERE

Try and get to know certain new people on a deeper lever as you will be happy when you discover the life long friends you are making. Quality over quantity. The middle of the month holds possibilities that may help you move your career in the direction you have wanted for a while now. Style tips include more than power suits and statement earrings, you will be surprised how most are attracted to your energy and smily face! Look out for a possible lovey-dovey romance the end of this month! Magical words of inspiration: ROMANCE, HEADSTRONG, FORTUNE

Nerd alert, your cravings to learn all there is about the world around heats up to burning levels of desire. So whether this means traveling more, reading more, or just hitting the streets and meeting people jump on it, you won’t regret it. Get ready to deal with needy people this month, try to remain calm because in many of these situations you are the most rational of all. This is your month to explore and show off your fashion versatility, tomboy prep by day maybe, tomboy chic at night. Magical words of inspiration: ENTREPRENEURIAL, SECRETIVE, GLAMOROUS

Money Money Money Money…Money! Family is going to want to give advice, tread lightly, and remember your money affairs are yours and you decide how much info you want to divulge. The end of the month might be a bit difficult for you, specifically on a problem you just cant seem to solve. Don’t trip, ride this wave out, it will smooth itself out without you working yourself to death. Remember fame is not always what it seems, but Cancer’s you already know that. Magical words of inspiration: BRILLIANT, CAREFREE, STRENGTH

You might find yourself reassuring old friends of your love as you make new acquaintances. But don’t let if keep you from making these new friends, just balance your time well. However, you might find yourself being brutally honest with a certain friend…friends don’t let friends where pants that are too tight! Your charm and enthusiastic ways are explosive this month, so be prepared to be the bright light in the room. Trust is everything, keep this in mind as you explore new adventures such as volunteering. Magical words of inspiration: TRUST, INDEPENDENT, CHARM

The cosmos have finally called your number, positive energy is coming your way this month. But you first have to get your ducks in a row, meaning get organized. This month is the perfect time to get those closets organized and those appointments met. Otherwise you might not even realize the changes that are coming your way. Speaking of closets, rummage through to find old goodies you haven’t used in a while, like those pink Timberlands! Magical words of inspiration: LUCKY, CLARITY, CHARISMA

Try not to get too cocky this month, not that you don’t deserve all the praise in the world. Ok never mind get as cocky as you want this it the month to do it! Procrastination might not work for some, but Libra’s you often know how to make it work towards your advantage, so don’t be afraid to shut down your mind and watch crappy TV to take the necessary mental breaks to keep you afloat. Just as long as you DO eventually get it done…but you will. You will find yourself attracted to a certain mind this month not so much their hot body. Magical words of inspiration: ENERGETIC, EXPERIMENTAL, ELEVATED