For most Tomboys high heels have always been something we wear occasionally, preferring to be comfortable and highly mobile, I mean we had to be able to keep with the boys on the playground.  Tomboys are women that never let something like high heels be the marker of our femininity. We paired sneakers or boots with our skirts instead of ballet flats or Mary Janes or forgo dresses and skirts altogether. Don’t get me wrong, I own and wear high heels, but not many and not often, and this is before this so-called trend. See related article on my footwear staples. So it is always interesting to read these trend pieces about shit that us Tomboys have been doing forever.

Last week, The Wallstreet Journal asked the world  in important question. “Are the High Heels Dead?”

Excerpt…. “A funny thing has happened in fashion lately: Unfashionable footwear is suddenly à la mode. Running shoes, Birkenstocks, Teva-type hiking sandals and Adidas-style slides were among the low shoes with a high profile during the recent spring fashion shows on the runway—and in the audience. Wide, flat footbeds, toe room, cushiony soles. Slaves to fashion have never been so comfortable.”

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 7.48.29 AM

Brunello Cucinelli created sneakers for spring. BRUNELLO CUCINELLI

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 7.49.11 AM

Fausto Puglisi based embellished flats on the Adidas athletic slide. FAUSTO PUGLISI… Love these BTW!

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 7.48.42 AM

Marc Jacobs sent a velvety Dr. Scholl’s-style shoe down the runways. MARC JACOBS

Of course I am happy that high fashion brands that I love have been creating their versions of sneakers, dope flats, and of course introduced the flatforms. It has made shopping more fun… so many options and so little money… just let’s not pretend that they invented this style. Dressing for comfort is not a high fashion invention. Commuting working women have been wearing sneakers with their suits since the 80s.

Excerpt…. “Then, this year, came “norm core,” more a mood than a style, marked by a sudden fascination with the sort of clothing non-fashionistas consider normal: chino pants, denim jackets, and the Nike Air Max. Such clothing is anything but normal to the fashion-obsessed. Hence it is rebellious and exciting.”

Ughhh! Here we go with normcore again.  I mean the outfit they are describing “chino pants, denim jackets, and the Nike Air Max” just sounds like a typical tomboy outfit and “urban” one at that.  Look… I happy to see that fashionistas have discovered the Air Force 1, Nike Air Maxs, and Adidas Shelltoes… but come on! I really get rilled up when I read these kind of articles because it is like these millions of us out here don’t exist, if you are not apart of the fashion establishment your fashion choices get completely overlooked.

Excerpt…. “For now, flats appear to be settling in for the long haul. High-end stores are building sprawling collections of high-fashion sneakers, hiking sandals and other orthopedic-look footwear.”

Maybe the fashion world has finally caught up with us….

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