The Holiday Season is upon us and I must admit I enjoy involving myself in all of the cheesy hoopla.  Holiday parties, shopping, decorating, and cooking make me nice and fuzzy inside.  I especially love how fancy people get with their wardrobe…but within all of the sequins and shimmer I don’t see as much color as I would like. I see a lot of burgundy, navy, and forest green, not to mention the ‘traditional’ red, green, white, gold, and silver. But I want to see more shimmery blue!

Let me tell you why.  Along with all of the fun parties, holiday shopping, stimulating sights, and tasty holiday treats comes; hang overs, cranky shoppers, crowds of people preventing you from getting to your destination because they insist on over crowding the sidewalks to get a picture of tree, and indigestion.

I suppose to avoid the negative effects of the holiday one could just check out completely, OR try wearing more blue! Just a theory my friends, although I like to pretend I am a psychologist, I realize I am not, but hear me out. Blue is known as a soothing, calming color. It is considered beneficial to the mind, body, and soul. It slows down metabolism and produces a calming effect. Plain and simple blue is strongly associated with tranquility and calmness. Besides, in Egypt, blue was associated with the sky and with divinity, so…enough said.

I love blue…looooooove blue.  I can say with 100% certainty that this color evokes a serious emotional reaction within myself.  This reaction is positive, it is comforting, and it makes me feel content.  Now I love all shades of blue, but cobalt is a solid favorite.  I especially love how it blasts in silk or silk like materials.  And for a reason that is not 100% clear (especially because I will wear it all around) I love it around the holidays.  To me it is a true holiday color.

In conclusion, if we all sport a shade of blue, my personal favorite of the season is cobalt, then I think the holidays may be a bit easier to deal with.  So before you slap that extremely rude person for pushing you in order to grab that last sale sweater that you were so obviously going for first, look down at your beautiful cobalt blue pants and know that it will all be ok. Again, just a theory.

Check out some of my favorite looks that showboat this exhilarating color:


Cannot go wrong with a pair of cobalt blue pumps!


Winter white looks so right with a subtle touch of blue.


These pants are everything! I especially love the ‘yellow’ accents from the coat. Color blocking at it’s best!


This may very well be the best color combo ever: Cobalt blue and oxblood!


Not much to say about the awesomeness here. I mean a cobalt blue trench. Yes, yes.


Winner! Love this blue set. And this hair!


1. Mixing blues. Smart. 2. Blue suits. Excellent


Any excuse for a bit of plastic works for me.