The Cosby Show turns 30 today. The show debuted on September 20th, 1984 and ran for eight seasons. The Cosby Show was on of the first shows to show a successful and highly functional African-American family on mainstream TV.  I remember as a kid watching the Cosby Show (and later A Different World) every Thursday night eating dinner with my family, a ritual that I am sure many households shared regardless of color. In fact, it was the number one Nielsen rated show five out of the eight seasons it ran. Amongst its numerous offerings, the show celebrated and demonstrated the many facets of African-American women and girls.  On TV the African-American woman is often regulated to stay with two dimensional characters of either the sexless mammy, over-sexed harlot, or the angry single mom….. The Cosby  Show helped to change all that.

Rudy – The Tomboy

Rudy was adorable, strong, opinionated, and full of energy…. she told the boys what to do and even played football, earning the nickname “Sweet Feet”! I definitely identified with Rudy the most and probably owe a lot of “smart mouth” growing up to her.


Vanessa – The Brain

Not only was Vanessa smart, she did get 1400 on her SATS,  but she also had that perfect 80s style.

Vanessa 01

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Vanessa 02

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Denise – The Free spirit

Denise was everything. Beautiful, interesting, stylish, fearless, and independent. She wasn’t perfect though which made her even more likable. Denise dropped out of college, eloped with Martin in Africa, and even left Olivia behind but we all still loved her. Although I was a rudy, I always wanted to be a Denise.



Sondra – The Straight-lace

Sondra was the daughter following in her mothers foot steps…. successful, going to Princeton, and becoming a lawyer, that was until she dropped out to open a Wilderness Store in Brooklyn.


Claire – The Feminist

A working mother of five that made no apologies that she loved and was fulfilled by her career, as well as her family. Her dynamic and 50/50 partnership with Dr. Huxtable made that balance easier to achieve.  It is rare, even to this day, to see such a modern depiction of marriage and family life on TV.


And lets never forget this fashion moment…so good!


or this…. Happy Anniversary!