Please take the time to check out the amazing fashion/music piece from our talented friend and photographer Jayne Lies.  This fashion/music film that she directed, in collaboration with MNTN for the Score has been selected by the master Nick Knight for a feature on SHOWstudio.

Inspired by the Lotus Sutra of the Wonderful Law, the Lotus Sutra expressed the ultimate truth of life and the universe as t exists within all people. Under the rule of ruthless governments dividing the human race, and societal pressures pishing us to divide ourselves by pouring more of our existence into an endless digital hole, we find the need to break out and go back to where it all began.  When things were pure and united in humanity, when we could look within each other instead of losing each other to an infinitely mirrored void.

Fashion Design - Eleen Halvorsen // Art Direction – Sabrina Tamar // Lighting - Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste